Developers - consult the local community

Consulting the local community

If you are planning a large scale or potentially controversial development, we encourage you to go out to the local community and consult with them, before submitting your planning application. Examples of large scale or potentially controversial developments are:
  • residential proposals for more than 50 units 
  • residential proposals on sites of one hectare or more
  • commercial developments of 1,000 metres squared of gross floor area 
  • commercial developments with a site area exceeding one hectare
  • development proposals on sites larger than half a hectare 
  • development proposals on sites that are likely to be locally contentious or generate significant local concern following the submission of the application
  • applications with proposals that are significantly taller than surrounding buildings
  • applications that would depart from the adopted Development Plan
  • applications with Environmental Impact Assessments
  • major road or transport proposals

It's best to consult at an early stage. That way you can take on board the views of the community and resolve any misunderstandings or tensions. The community can also help to shape projects that affect their local area. 

The type of consultation varies depending on the type and scale of development proposed. Our Statement of Community Involvement lists various ways of consulting withe the community. 

We suggest you ask for pre-application advice so planning officers can:
  • provide technical advice on the proposals 
  • suggest what forms of consultation would be appropriate
  • agree wa timetable for the decision on the submitted application

Publish your consultation

You should include details of your pre-application consultation within your planning application, including:

  • the methods of consultation used 
  • how you engaged with hard to reach groups
  • who was consulted and the level of involvement
  • the quantitative and qualitative findings of the consultation
  • how matters raised in consultation were taken into account in the submitted development proposals

Further consultation

Once you have submitted your planning application we will undertake further consultation on the proposal. This round of consultation will be led by us - whereas the pre-application consultation is led by you.