Tell us about changes to tenants and properties

Use our online form for quick results

Tell us about changes to tenants using our online form and we'll turn it around quicker than if you call, write or email. Whenever tenants move out or move in use our online form to let us know.

You can tell us...

  • contact details for tenants moving out
  • date they moved out
  • type of tenancy, length of tenancy
  • forwarding address 
  • contact details for the tenants moving in
  • date they moved in
  • how long the property was empty
  • where to send the bill

How it helps you 

New tenants moving in
It often takes new tenants a while to tell us they've moved in. If you tell us straight away using our online form, we can update our records and send out a Council Tax bill to the new tenants. This reduces delays and the time that the owner is liable for the Council Tax.

Tenants moving out
If you have a forwarding address for the tenants that are moving out - it helps us recover any outstanding Council Tax for the property. Tenants don't always tell us that they have moved out and the Council Tax bill can sometimes be left uppaid. When we don't have a forwarding address we have to contact anyone who may have one. (If we write to you and ask for a forwarding address, the law says you must tell us if you have one.) If you provide the forwarding address now - using our online form - it helps us maintain efficient recovery and minimise the cost of Council Tax administration. If you don't have a forwarding address, mention it on the online form to ensure we don't ask you again.

Furnished or unfurnished
Even though you won't get a discount on an unfurnished property, it's important to keep us up to date on whether the property is furnished or not.  It helps us record the category of properties and in turn benefit from central government initiatives. It also helps us set an accurate level of Council Tax. 

Owner liability and details for managed properties 
Owners are liable for the Council Tax when the property is unoccupied or on properties that are houses in multiple occupation (HMOs). This is why we ask for the owner's details. When we take action to recover outstanding Council Tax on unoccupied properties or HMOs, we seek recovery from the owner not the managing agents. (Owners are not liable when the property is occupied). We are happy to have the managing agents as the contact point for enquiries. 

Tracing outgoing tenants
We do everything we can to trace outgoing tenants who leave unpaid Council Tax. We contact other occupiers, review historical internal records and use a local trace system.