Resources for professionals working with domestic and sexual violence

This information is for professionals working with domestic or sexual violence. If you are a member of the public affected by domestic or sexual violence, see get help with domestic or sexual violence.

DV Hub

The Kingston Domestic Violence (DV) Hub is a service offering a single point of access for self or agency referrals, and to support practitioners working with victims of domestic violence.

Research demonstrates the value of independent support for victims – even if you are working closely with a service user, a DV specialist may be able to provide extra guidance for your practice or support for the victim. They can also link the client to support networks in the borough.

The DV Hub is home to a team of DV professionals, including:

  • independent domestic violence advocates (IDVAs)
  • DV case workers
  • a children’s worker

Practitioners are encouraged to call the DV Hub for help and advice around working with domestic violence. A key function of the DV Hub is to support practitioners in risk assessing all cases where domestic violence is a feature.

For more details on risk assessing with victims of domestic violence and how to refer to the Kingston multi-agency risk assessment conference (MARAC), see domestic violence risk assessment and MARAC.


Domestic and sexual violence services 

The DV Hub can recommend support projects for victims of violence, such as local Empowerment programmes, Women’s Groups and counselling.

The DV Hub can also recommend specialist projects for domestic violence victims, for example the “silver project” for victims of domestic violence who are over 55.

To browse services available to Kingston residents, download the Kingston domestic and sexual violence services directory.

For more information about our safeguarding services, see safeguarding adults and safeguarding children.