Your Essential Guide

Timelines for your event

It is important to allow enough time to make your event application in advance of your event date.

  • We suggest submitting your initial enquiry form to us, at least six to twelve months before your planned event - the bigger your event, the more time is needed to complete all the necessary preparations.
  • You will receive a confirmation email and a response to your application within 10 working days, with further information and an event management plan for you to complete.

Your event management plan will provide details about your event, it helps us decide what guidance and advice you need. Your completed plan will be given to our Safety Advisory Group as your formal submission to host an event in Kingston. Please check the timelines below and allow enough time to complete your initial enquiry and event management plan.

Below is an idea of some of the key deadlines.

10-12 Months before an event

  • Major events (over 5000 participants) - submit an initial enquiry form.

6-12 months before an event

  • Large events (up to 1,500 - 5,000 participants) - submit an initial enquiry form.

4 months before an event

  • Medium events (up to 500 - 1,500 participants or smaller events involving road closures) - submit an initial enquiry form.

  • Traffic management order application.

  • Confirm event security arrangements.

3 months before an event

  • Small events (up to 500 participants and where no road closure is required) - submit an initial enquiry form.

  • Appoint your waste contractor.

  • Apply for a premises license (if required).

  • Attend Safety Advisory Group specific event meeting, if invited.

  • First Aid arrangements for event

  • Seek event staff and volunteers.

2 months before an event

  • Attend Safety Advisory Group meeting, if invited.

  • Apply for parking bay suspension notifications (this allows for the temporary suspension of parking controls, waiting, parking and loading, for a specific purpose).

  • Apply for any temporary permissions for example:

    • Temporary Event Notice (to allow licensable activities such as selling alcohol, regulated entertainment or late night sale of food at your event)

    • Street Trading licence (to allow sale of goods on the street).

15-20 working days before an event

  • Submit noise control plan (if required).

  • Apply for temporary street trading licences (10 working days minimum).

  • Apply for a temporary event notice (10 working days minimum).

  • Parking suspensions where needed