Your Essential Guide

Who Can Help

Kingston Council has a single point of contact for all your event enquiries to provide you with guidance when applying for and planning your event.

We want to support you, as the event organiser, to host a safe and secure event by providing advice on what needs to be completed and who to speak to about your event. All event plans are reviewed by our Safety Advisory Group (SAG) who offer advice as needed. 

There are further details about support within the Community event or commercial event? section of our website.

Kingston Safety Advisory Group (SAG)

All event plans and information you submit to us will be shared with our Safety Advisory Group (SAG) who will review your event and offer advice as needed.

The SAG is a multi-agency forum that provides specialist independent advice to event organisers to:

  • promote high levels of safety and welfare at public events by giving advice and guidance

  • promote good practice in safety and welfare planning for events

  • make sure events have a minimal adverse impact on the community

The SAG role is to work in an advisory capacity, with all legal accountability held by the event organiser. Members of the SAG include:

  • Kingston Council Healthy & Safe Communities team (event safety)

  • Kingston & Sutton Shared Regulatory Services (environmental health and licensing, ensuring compliance with licensing, food safety, health and safety, noise management)

  • Kingston Building Control (advice on temporary stands, staging, demountable structures)

  • Kingston & Sutton Shared Highways and Transport (impacts on traffic and transport, road closures)

  • Kingston Parking Services (parking suspensions/dispensations)

  • The Metropolitan Police (advice on safety issues, public safety and crowd management)

  • London Fire Brigade (technical safety advice for risk specific activity and public safety)

  • London Ambulance Service (advice on safety issues, access and exit considerations, deployment of resources)

  • Kingston Council Health & Safety Team

  • Kingston Council Insurance Team

  • Transport Providers - Transport For London (TFL), South Western Railway and London Buses

Additional members for river based events:

  • Environment Agency

  • Reach Eight

  • Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI)

If any member of the SAG requests a meeting, or if multiple agencies/services have questions or concerns regarding the operation of your event, then an event specific SAG meeting will be arranged by the Healthy & Safe Communities team.

As the event organiser, alongside any of your partners, you will be contacted to attend the SAG meeting. The meeting will discuss any concerns from agencies/services and provide members suggestions to you, to improve the running of the event and safety arrangements for the best experience for everyone involved or impacted.

SAG specific meetings only review one event per meeting. Other event organisers or other observers are not present, (for commercial sensitivities). No media or political representation is permitted at a SAG specific meeting either.