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Apply to us for all public events in the borough - except for those in the Town Centre or in a  park:

Public events 

To apply to hold a public event please email us the following details. (You could copy and paste these headings into your email to make sure you don't miss out a question).

Please read our guidance on holding an event before you apply.

Event details

Event name, date and location
Name of event:
Preferred day/date:
Preferred times start:
Preferred event location:

Contact Details
Name of event organiser:

Event Description
Please provide a brief event description:
What is the purpose of the event?
Expected number of participants:
Is the event open to the public?
Will tickets be sold?
If yes, please give details of prices and distribution:

Please provide details of the following:
Stages, size and number:
Marquees size and number
Will alcohol be sold/distributed at this event? (please provide details):
Will music be played at this event? (please provide details):
Has this event taken place before if so please provide details:

Please remember...

All litter whether in sacks or loose must be removed from the venue immediately after the booking or the hirer will be charged an additional cost for clearance.

We are not responsible for the supply or availability of toilets at events. If you are organising an event for a large number of people you should hire portable toilets.


By emailing these details, I confirm that I have read and understood the conditions of hire as detailed on the Kingston Council web pages ( and agree to abide by them.

Your name:


Position in organisation:

Supporting information

Site plan
If possible, please attach a site plan and programme with your application. If these are not yet available, please email them to us at least 6 weeks before the event.

Please attach copies of your public liability insurance documents for £5,000,000 (if you are organising a fairgrounds or circus it is £10,000,000). If these are not yet available, please email them to us at least 6 weeks before the event. Without insurance documentation it is unlikely that your event will be allowed to continue.

Risk assessment 
By law (the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, Management of Health and Safety Works Regs 1999) you must provide a risk assessment for your event. 

Please include a risk assessment which details:
  • Area effected by the potential hazard
  • Hazards
  • Effect of hazards
  • Who may be affected
  • Overall control measures
  • Extra control measures
  • Severity if the hazard happens (low to high) 
  • Likelihood of the hazard happening (low to high) 
  • Risk - severity plus likelihood equals risk (low to high)