Organising an event

Guidance for event organisers: permissions and licences

Guidance for event organisers for obtaining the necessary permissions and licences for their public event.


You must apply for any necessary licences required for the event. These may include:

  • premises licence or temporary event notice (TEN) for events involving the sale of alcohol or provision of entertainments such as music, dancing, plays etc (some premises already benefit from premises licences)
  • Phonographic Performance Ltd licence application for public performance of recorded music – this is a legal requirement and applies to:
    • anyone playing recorded music in public
    • anyone who supplies equipment or records produced under PPLs licence for public performance

Environmental Health

You should consult with our Environmental Health team if the event involves any of the following:

  • catering
  • entertainment
  • sanitary provision
  • waste disposal
  • special effects
  • animal performances
  • parking
  • industrial equipment such as large generators, stages, temporary structures 

By laws

There are a number of by laws that could potentially affect your event, for example:

Please check with us to find out which ones affect your event. It is also advisable to check with the local police.

Street party application process

If you are organising a street party, you must complete and submit an application to us. This should be completed with at least six weeks notice of the event. 

We expect you to consult with residents and others likely to be affected by the party and and road closures and have gained majority consent, agreed an area to be closed and propose a start and finish time (9pm at the latest). If any local businesses or bus routes are affected you must have met with them and agreed diversions or arrangements to cater for disruption.

Find out more about street parties, including how to apply and further guidance.

If we approve your application we will issue a traffic management order formally agreeing the rules and timing of the party, including a permit to close streets and divert traffic.