Organising an event

Apply to hold an event

If you are an event organiser and wish to hold a public event, here's what you need to know:

You need to apply to us for all public events in the borough - except for those in the Town Centre. For an event in the Town Centre please contact Kingston First.

What you need to do

In order to assess the risk presented by your event and determine the level of assistance that can be offered, it is important that you provide us with the following information when you apply to hold an event online:


  • named organiser of the event and their contact details
  • date and timing of the event
  • type of event you are planning
  • how many people are expected
  • details of any special or special or unusual activities - march, procession, fireworks, adventure activities, aircraft usage, animals including birds/falconry, military displays, weapons, archery, darts, etc
  • results of any risk assessments that you have carried out
  • if your event is open to the general public
  • details of any ticketing arrangements
  • if your event will take place on the highway
  • if your event will take place in a public area, such as a park, town centre or open space
  • if your event is in a private venue but, because of its size or type of activity planned, there may be some concern for the safety of those attending and those nearby
  • availability of alcohol
  • if the event has been held in previous years

Please read the information on the guidance for event organisers pages and event safety checklists before completing your application.

Event applications should be submitted to us at least three months before your event date or at least six months before a major event, when planning is likely to take some time. 

What happens next

Normally we will make note of your plans and possibly send you some safety advice but not take any further action. However, in some cases, we or another organisation that has been consulted (ie emergency services) may ask you to change some of your plans to improve the safety at the event.

For larger or more complex events, using the event application process the Augmented Safety Advisory Group (ASAG) will work with you to identify if your event is likely to be problematic (eg road closures, licensing, health and safety, etc) and relevant officers/partners may wish to meet directly with you to discuss plans and arrangements in more detail.

Outcomes from the meeting will be fed into ASAG and you may be required to attend an ASAG meeting. A debrief meeting may also be required after the event to review any issues.