Reimagining Kingston Town Centre's Streets and Spaces Strategy

What is it?


Reimagining Kingston Town Centre’s Streets and Spaces is a strategy. It focuses on developing new ideas for how streets and public spaces can contribute towards a successful, vibrant and inclusive town centre which supports the delivery of good growth. This strategy is a culmination of strategic priorities and projects that have evolved through co-development, observations, conversations and workshops with various local stakeholders. 

The strategy includes recommendations for introducing new activities to the town centre, which support evening activation, and promote public engagement with local assets. In combination the projects form a cohesive strategy and vision, which support the key strategic objectives for Kingston Town Centre. 

The strategy was commissioned through a collaboration between Kingston Council, Kingston First, Kingston University and the Mayor of London. Through a co-design process the project has brought together the views and priorities of each stakeholder partner to provide a unified voice for the delivery of change in Kingston Town Centre.

The strategy should be used to inform funding bids within the town centre.

Please download the interactive document to find out more about the background of the work, the potential projects and learn how to bring projects to life.


Download HERE


Please note this will be doing to Kingston Town Neighbourhood Committee on 5th November for endorsement as an evidence base for future funding opportunities.