Cocks Crescent


1. How many homes are planned within the Cocks Crescent area? 

The planning system has no power to limit the number of homes being proposed for any area. Planning applications will be dealt with on their own merit with respect to existing planning policy. 
An SPD has a limited scope in that it cannot legally set a minimum or maximum on the number of houses to be delivered. The right to submit a planning application in the area is unaffected by the SPD.

The redevelopment will deliver high-quality new and affordable homes that are in keeping with the character of the local area.

2. Does the SPD guarantee the protection of the Blagdon Road open space? 

Blagdon Road open space is a valued local asset which has the potential for significant improvement. Existing London Plan policy strongly discourages the reduction in open space and the council has no plans to do so. As part of the redevelopment of Cocks Crescent, the council aims to deliver a significant upgrade to the open space. 

The council would give consideration to the reconfiguration of Blagdon Road open space where it can be demonstrated that:

  • There would be no loss of open space with the development as a whole.
  • The reconfigured open space would be higher quality than the existing open space, creating a safer and more user-friendly environment as well as enhancing biodiversity and ecology.
  • The reconfiguration of the open space would enable a better overall development outcome than if it were retained in its current form.

3. How tall will future buildings on the site be?

The SPD sets out opportunities for building heights within the site taking into consideration the surrounding context. The height guide is based on the aim to create a varied and interesting townscape and to support relevant land uses and spaces. Planning applications will be assessed on their own merits in accordance with the principles set out in the SPD.

4. What will be done about parking and congestion? 

Existing policy determines the effect of any planning application on access and movement. Existing policies in the London Plan dictate car parking requirements. 

5. Will access to properties be affected during years of building works and beyond?

A construction method statement must be submitted as part of any planning application. Existing users have a legal right to continued access.

6. What will be done about the impact of an increased population on schools, doctors and other vital services? 

The council is statutorily required to provide these services and the NHS Clinical Commissioning Group and Achieving for Children have no objections to the SPD.

7. What will be done to address pollution and air quality?

Monitoring of any impact of development on air quality is outside of the scope of this SPD. Pollution and air quality in the borough is addressed by the Air Quality Action Plan.