Cocks Crescent

The Supplementary Planning Document (SPD)

The Cocks Crescent Supplementary Planning Document

Supplementary Planning Documents (SPD) are documents which provide further detail to the policies in the Local Plan. These can then be used to provide guidance for development on specific sites, or on particular topics, such as design. SPDs can be considered in planning decisions, but do not form part of the development plan.  

The Cocks Crescent SPD has five main objectives: 

  • Set out the long-term future for the site
  • Create a planning and design framework to deliver the vision
  • Enable the regeneration of the site as quickly as possible
  • Ensure the redevelopment is sustainable.
  • Ensure that the redevelopment is commercially realistic and deliverable

You can find a copy of the SPD on the council’s website:

The Cocks Crescent SPD will guide the redevelopment of the site and maximise benefits for the community. All planning applications for the site will need to take into account the SPD. The council will refuse planning permission for development that does not contribute towards the overall vision for the area.

How the Cocks Crescent SPD was prepared and adopted

The vision for the Cocks Crescent SPD area was developed through a comprehensive process of analysis, assessment and engagement with the local community. Residents, leisure centre users, and in particular the New Malden Future Group played an important role in helping shape the SPD to reflect local aspirations. 

The engagement process carried out for the SPD included three stages:

  • Stage 1 (summer 2015): high-level engagement issues and aspirations 
  • Stage 2 (autumn-winter 2015): detailed engagement design options 
  • Stage 3 (summer 2016): formal public consultation on SPD

Formal consultation
Once the SPD was drafted, it was formally consulted on for eight weeks (1 July  to 29 August 2016). 

During stage three of the consultation period, a total of 463 responses with over 6,000 individual comments, were received. The feedback was used to finalise the SPD (this is summarised in the Consultation Statement). 

Approval Process
The Cocks Crescent SPD was approved for adoption by the strategic Growth Committee in November 2016 (which had responsibility for regeneration and strategic planning). Following the community ‘call in’ in December 2016, the SPD was reviewed by Full Council in April 2017, where it was decided the SPD should be adopted. All planning applications for the site will need to take into account the SPD. Details of the Full Council meeting are available on the council website: 

It was agreed at Full Council that the SPD would be formally adopted. Its adoption statement can be viewed on our webpage: