Cocks Crescent

How will the work be delivered?

There are a number of potential delivery options for the regeneration of the Cocks Crescent site. 

  • Direct delivery -  A direct appointment of contractors for development funded entirely by the council. 
  • Part direct delivery - The council directly delivers part of the scheme (such as the leisure centre and other non-income producing elements) and acts as (or with) a development manager, creating smaller, serviced site/s for which developers are separately appointed.
  • Single development contract with a developer - The entire scheme is delivered by a developer, with the council having contractual control over content/timing etc. This could be achieved through a development agreement in line with the overarching principles set out in the SPD. Whilst the development would be comprehensive, phasing or development will depend upon the proposal and should ensure that development is properly coordinated. 

Indicative next steps:

  • Step 1 - the council are currently reviewing relevant emerging strategies and policies (such as the leisure facility masterplan), options for partnership arrangements, site options, costs and financial implications to the council, and reflecting on all previous engagement and good work undertaken with residents. 
  • Step 2 - seek a development partner through a competitive process to deliver a joint masterplan for the site.
  • Step 3 - appoint development partner.