Cocks Crescent

The next steps and how to get involved

During June and July 2019, we held a number of co-design events with the community to shape a Design and Development Brief for the site. A Community Drop-in Event was held on Saturday 7 September, where the outcomes of the co-design process was shared and additional thoughts and feedback sought. 

The portal is now closed and the feedback received is being used to shape the redevelopment of the site. To encourage as many people as possible to get involved, we asked through this portal what you think about the current site as well as what you might like to see there in the future.

You can still sign up to receive project updates via email, please visit to register your interest by clicking on the ‘stay informed’ button on the webpage.

Once the Design and Development Brief is complete, the council will look to appoint a development partner, who together with the council and community will produce a more detailed Masterplan in response to the Design and Development Brief. We expect the Masterplan to be developed following the appointment of a development partner, and this work will help to inform a preferred option for the site. 

Once the masterplanning exercise has concluded and a preferred option has been identified, the planning process will commence. By 2021 it is anticipated that the planning consultation will be underway and a planning decision will be expected to be made at committee. Subject to approval, the construction process will commence following planning consent. A development of the size and complexity of that proposed at Cocks Crescent will take a number of years to construct.


The anticipated stages of the development of the site are:
Stage One: Preparation of the SPD (complete)
Stage Two: Adoption of the SPD (complete)
Stage Three: Design and Development Brief (Spring - Summer 2019)
Stage Four: Masterplan Production (Winter - Spring 2021)
Stage Five: Planning Application (2021-22)