Cocks Crescent

How was the Cocks Crescent SPD prepared?

The vision for the Cocks Crescent SPD area has been developed through a comprehensive process of analysis, assessment, and engagement. The vision has been established within the existing planning policy context. 

The SPD reflects the priorities set out in the Maldens and Coombe Neighbourhood Community Plan - the vision for New Malden Town Centre, prepared by the Maldens and Coombe Neighbourhood Committee

Community engagement 

The Cocks Crescent SPD has been shaped by significant community input and sets out a shared vision for the future redevelopment of the site. In particular, the New Malden Future Group has played a pivotal role in supporting engagement and helping shape the SPD so that it reflects local aspirations. 

The overall engagement process carried out for the SPD comprised of three stages:

  • Stage 1 (summer 2015): high-level engagement issues and aspirations 
  • Stage 2 (autumn-winter 2015): detailed engagement design options 
  • Stage 3 (summer 2016): formal public consultation 
Cocks Crescent enagagement image


Formal consultation

 Once the SPD was drafted it was subject to formal public consultation, which ran for a period of eight weeks from 1 July 2016 to 29 August 2016. 

During stage three of the consultation period, a total of 463 responses, detailing over 6,000 individual comments, were received. The feedback received from the consultation was used to finalise the SPD  (this is summarised in the Consultation Statement). 

RBK Growth Committee 

After minor amendments to the SPD following formal consultation, the Cocks Crescent SPD was approved at the council’s Growth Committee meeting on 23 November 2016

Community ‘call-in’ review at Full Council meeting

Following the receipt of a community ‘call in’ document on 19 December 2016 the SPD was reviewed by the Full Council Committee meeting held on Wednesday 19 April 2017. Details of the meeting are available here. It was resolved at Full Council that the SPD would be formally adopted. 


The SPD has now been adopted. Its adoption statement can be viewed on our webpage, where you can also download the SPD  and the Consultation Statement