Cocks Crescent

The next steps and how to get involved

During June and July 2019 we will be holding a number of co-design events with the community to shape a Design and Development Brief for the site. We are keen to build on the community-led approach taken so far and would like to encourage as many people as possible to get involved. If you’d like to share your views or ask a question, please visit

Dates for these events will be confirmed in due course and will be publicised through a variety of channels, including the council’s website.

Once the Design and Development Brief is complete, the council will look to appoint a development partner, who together with the council and community will produce a more detailed Masterplan in response to the Design and Development Brief. We expect the Masterplan to be developed following the appointment of a development partner, and this work will help to inform a preferred option for the site. 

Once the masterplanning exercise has concluded and a preferred option has been identified, the planning process will commence. By 2021 it is anticipated that the planning consultation will be underway and a planning decision will be expected to be made at committee. Subject to approval, the construction process will commence following planning consent. A development of the size and complexity of that proposed at Cocks Crescent will take a number of years to construct.