Cocks Crescent

What does the Cocks Crescent SPD say?

Overarching principles

Any planning application on the site must comply with the SPD’s overarching principles:  

  • A comprehensive development outcome that supports the Cocks Crescent vision.
  • A mix of uses that strengthens the role of New Malden District Centre and enhances its vitality, viability and attractiveness. 
  • Development that optimises population and economic growth to meet the needs of a growing population.  
  • Development that accounts for existing and planned infrastructure and contributes appropriately to local services and requirements, such as schools and healthcare. 

How will the SPD control future development? 

The SPD sets out a series of strategies and requirements that any future planning application will be assessed against, including: 

  • A Land Use Strategy.

  • An Access and Movement Strategy. 
  • A Height and Scale Strategy.
  • An Urban Design Strategy. 
Cocks Crescent strategy image


A new community leisure and wellbeing hub for New Malden 

The Malden Centre is an important and popular asset to the local community. Proposals for redevelopment of the site must financially enable the delivery of a new, publicly-owned Community Leisure and Wellbeing Hub including a 25 metre swimming pool.

The borough’s stock of leisure centres are outdated and approaching the end of their lifespan. The council is currently preparing a borough-wide leisure facility masterplan to ensure that the borough’s future leisure provision is fit for purpose and meets the needs of a growing population. This work will take account for the need of a new Community Leisure and Wellbeing Hub as part of the Cocks Crescent redevelopment. 

Cocks Crescent Malden Centre