Insight and Strategies

Economic Growth and Development Strategy 2018-25

EGDS - Insight & Strategies

Kingston’s Economic Growth and Development Strategy 2018-2025 (EGDS) has been produced to ensure that continued economic growth is spread across the borough’s resident and business communities. 

The strategy builds on the borough’s economic strengths including its rich business base, growing health sector, unique and high-quality retail, cultural and heritage offer, riverside location, highly qualified residents and locational advantages. 

The strategy identifies six strategic priorities:

  1. Excellent spaces to grow
  2. Diversify – Business and People
  3. Innovation in partnerships
  4. Talent
  5. Resilience & accessibility
  6. Strategic Place Promotion

Kingston’s EGDS is founded on extensive research which is included in our Economic Baseline supporting document. Both documents will form part of our evidence base supporting our New Local Plan

An Infographics document depicting some of the key meesages and themes of the baseline data and strategy can also be downloaded below.