Cycle skills training

Level 2 Award in Instructing Cycle Training - Recognition of Prior Learning

RBK RDC is offering the Recognition Prior Learning (RPL) route to the 1st4sport Level 2 Award in Instructing Cycle Training.

RPL is available to previously registered NSIs looking to continue delivering Bikeability. You will need to provide your unique NSI number. Once registered, you have 6 months to complete your Post Courses Assessment (PCA). Please check the Bikeability Professional Website for more details.

RBK RDC will support NSIs to:

  • Register on the new qualifications portal
  • Complete their e-portfolio tasks to provide prior learning evidence as Bikeability instructor
  • Complete their e-portfolio tasks to provide lesson plans in preparation of their practical assessment within 6 months from registration

Upcoming RPL Registration

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  • £290 per person (The Bikeability Trust will contribute £60 towards the cost of successful practical assessment before 1 August 2021 so may have to pay as little as £230)
  • Additional post-course assessment visit are from £120 depending on location

We charge additional travelling costs as required for delivering courses or visits beyond a 10 mile radius of Kingston.

Essential information about the National Standard and its qualifications

RDC: Recognised Delivery Centre

1st4sport: The externally-regulated awarding organisation which has developed and oversees all instructor training and assessment

Level 2 Award in Instructor Cycle Training (L2AICT): Qualification developed by 1st4Sport in line with the new National Standard, which trains participants to become cycle instructors (replaces the NSIA, NSIP and NSIQ roles)

Level 3 Award in Developing Cycle Training Instructors (L3ADCTI): Qualification developed by 1st4Sport in line with the new National Standard, which trains cycle instructors to become cycle instructor trainers (replaces the NSIT role)

RPL: Recognised Prior Learning; work experience based evidence which existing instructors must provide as evidence towards the new qualifications

PCA: Post Course Assessment: Practical demonstration of Bikeability instructor (Final assessment)

Essential web addresses:

Public Bikeability Website

Professional Bikeability Website

The National Standard for Cycle Training
What are the new instructor qualifications?
Two new instructor qualifications have been developed by 1st4Sport: the Level 2 Award in Instructor Cycle Training and the Level 3 Award in Developing Cycle Training Instructors. The introduction of instructor qualifications which align with the New National Standard will ensure better consistency and quality of instructor training and Bikeability delivery.
All instructor training and assessment are based on the National Standard and national qualifications delivery guidance developed by 1st4Sport. This training is delivered by recognised delivery centres (RDCs), regulated by 1st4Sport. To gain RDC status, delivery centres must have experience delivering Bikeability and must register a minimum number of candidates each year. 

What is the role of the Bikeability Trust?
The Bikeability Trust is managing the development and delivery of Bikeability on behalf of the Department for Transport. The Trust ensures that the National Standard is up to date in the instructor qualifications developed by 1st4Sport. It also ensures that only qualified instructors enter the Bikeability workforce. The Bikeability Trust is not involved in the recognition of delivery centres for instructor training.

How to register for the Level 2 Award as a new instructor?
New instructors can visit the 1st4sport website and choose a four-day training course offered by one of its RDCs. They can also contact an RDC directly. They will be expected to complete a PCA within six months of passing the training course.

What if I am an existing instructor?
Existing instructors need to register with 1st4sport and choose an RDC. Active Bikeability instructors should not need to attend a four-day instructor training course. Instead, they should provide evidence of their prior learning and experience, and then undertake a practical assessment delivering a Bikeability PCA (to ensure that they satisfy the requirements of the Level 2 Award). The Bikeability Trust is able contribute £60 toward the cost of the practical assessment before 1 August 2021. Registration requires payment of the £45 1st4sport registration fee for the award and a (variable) RDC fee for the assessment of online and practical assessment tasks. Please check the Professional Bikeability website for more details.

What evidence will be accepted for assessment and recognition of prior learning and experience?
Existing, active, practising instructors must upload evidence into a 1st4Sport e-portfolio for assessment prior to their practical assessment. Evidence comprises a mix of theory-based multiple-choice questions and work experience knowledge. This includes lesson plans, assessment methods and internal quality assurance evidence.

Do instructors need to register with the Bikeability Trust?
All instructors registering on the 1st4Sport qualification will automatically register with the Bikeability Trust. Bikeability providers and instructors are not required to affiliate with an RDC. However, instructors are be expected to provide evidence to the Trust of annual professional development as a condition of continuing their registration. Bikeability providers and RDCs, supported by the Bikeability Trust, will provide instructors with professional development opportunities to meet the registration requirement.

Can I continue deliver Bikeability with my old NSI accreditation?
At the moment, yes. Existing National Standard Instructors are expected to register for the new instructor qualification by 31 July 2021. Within this period, your NSI status will remain current and you can continue delivering Bikeability through a registered Bikeability provider.

What will it cost to gain the Level 2 Award qualification?
1st4Sport will charge a one-off £45 registration fee for each candidate registering for the Level 2 Award. RDCs will charge course and assessment fees at market rates. The 1st4Sport cost is proportionate to the benefit of introducing formal, externally regulated qualifications. On the anniversary of their registration with 1st4Sport, the Bikeability Trust will charge registered instructors an annual registration renewal fee of £25 to cover the cost of renewing registration, online CPD resources, and professional development places at national conference and regional workshops.  Please check the Professional Bikeability website for more details.

For active Bikeability instructors already registered with Bikeability, RDCs will only charge for the on-line and practical assessments fees at market rates. The Trust will contribute £60 towards the cost of the practical assessment. The need to register for the new instructor qualification between 1 August 2019 and 31 July 2021. Payment for this will be through the RDCs and no instructor or Bikeability provider will have to claim the money back from the Bikeability Trust itself.

Qualification pathway summary for existing instructors