There is strong evidence to show that physical activity such as walking helps to get the heart and muscles working and thus can lead to an increased life expectancy.

Walking can be enough exercise to maintain a fit and healthy body no matter how old you are.

This page outlines how you can access walking routes and tours in the borough.

Walking for Health

The Kingston Walking for Health Scheme arranges regular walks for different levels of fitness across the borough. Every walk is led by a qualified walk leader, who have been trained by the National Walking for Health Initiative.

For more information visit the Walking for Health - Kingston Health Walks site

Guided walks of historic Kingston

Kingston Tour Guides run guided walks in Kingston and Surbiton. The guides are volunteers from the local community who have been trained and independently assessed.

For more information visit the Kingston Tour Guides website

Walking routes around the borough

We have produced a series of maps of walking routes alongside the river, through parks, the local countryside and historic Kingston. 

Download the maps of our walking routes around the borough