Cycling in Kingston Annual Report 2020

In January 2019, the council published its first Cycling in Kingston annual report. The report is a summary of cycling activities in Kingston, framed around the ten key Go Cycle objectives.

This year’s report includes new cycle count data on the completed Go Cycle routes and information about key initiatives undertaken by the council to support cycling and sustainable travel in the borough.

Key highlights: 

  • Five Go Cycle schemes, funded by the Mayor of London’s Mini Holland programme, have now been completed - Portsmouth Road, Surbiton to Kingston, Wheatfield Way, New Malden to Raynes Park and Kingston High Street. Further details on each of these schemes can be found on the Go Cycle Programme pages on the council website 

  • The use of the Portsmouth Road Go Cycle route continues to grow. Cycle counts undertaken in 2019 reveal a 13% increase compared to 2015 cycle counts. The route is particularly well used on Sundays - with as many as 2,131 bikes recorded on a single day.

  • The 1.2km New Malden to Raynes Park Go Cycle route, opened in July 2019, has been positively received. It is now used for an average of 340 bike trips per day.

  • Cycle counts of the Kingston to Kingston Vale Go Cycle route, to be completed in 2020, indicate an average of 221 cyclists per day so far. Further cycle counts will be conducted once the route is fully complete. 

  • In 2018/19 the council delivered cycle training to 323 adults and 3,470 children (surpassing Transport for London (TfL) targets of 300 adults and 1,400 children). A total of 74 cycle events were held across the borough, at which 556 bikes were checked by Dr Bike. 51 bike loans were made to Kingston residents for 1 month under the Go Cycle Bike Loan scheme. 

  • Some TfL surveys (Healthy Streets Mystery Shopper and Cyclist Intercept Surveys) are expected to be undertaken in 2020. An update on these will be provided in the 2021 report. 

  • In 2020, Kingston will  benefit from the introduction of a Healthy Streets Officer. This officer is employed by Sustrans, funded by TfL, and shared with London Borough of Sutton. This officer will help support the Sustainable Transport team’s promotion of cycling and active travel and will provide some additional funding for key cycling projects, events and increase participation by schools in the TfL STARS programme. 

To obtain a copy of the full report please contact the Sustainable Transport team.