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Sustainable travel options can improve air quality in Kingston

As well as improving cycling routes through Go Cycle, we are also supporting the improvement of air quality in Kingston, by encouraging more residents to consider other sustainable transport options like using electric bikes (e-bikes) and electric vehicles to get around.

In June 2018 the council published its Annual Public Health report, ‘Clearing the Air’, which outlines where Kingston’s air pollution comes from, the impact on health and the things we can all do to lessen the impact.

Air pollution is the biggest environmental cause of ill-health in the UK. In Kingston it is estimated to contribute to the equivalent of one in twenty deaths for people who live in the area.

Road traffic is the single biggest contributor to air pollution locally. 

We can all play a part in helping improve air quality in Kingston by choosing to change the way we travel. A local family choosing to walk or cycle to school instead of driving, local businesses training drivers to stop engine idling or consider switching their delivery fleet to electric vehicles or cargo bikes, to the council taking steps to reduce traffic congestion.

Reducing traffic congestion by reducing our reliance on motorised road transport is the best way to reduce the health impact of air pollution because it’s responsible for such a big proportion of the problem.

Research by Transport for London’s “Roads Task Force” found that just over a third of journeys under 2km in London were made by car, and a little under a third between 2km and 5km.

The Mayor of London has recognised a shift is needed, declaring in his recently published Mayor's Transport Strategy 2018 that '80 percent of all trips in London to be made on foot, by cycle or using public transport by 2041'.

The Council supports sustainable transport options through the following initiatives:

  • Go Cycle schemes - creating a network of 10 linked cycle routes across the borough 
  • On-street bike parking across the borough
  • Provision of bike repair and cycle pump stands
  • Bike hangars in a number of estates
  • Free one-to-one cycle training
  • Bike maintenance courses
  • Provision of Brompton bike hire scheme
  • Promotion of walking routes
  • Electric vehicle charging points 

The council is currently investigating hiring out electric cargo bikes to anyone who lives, works or studies in the borough. These bikes could be used by households or businesses for a range of trips which would normally be undertaken by car or delivery vehicle. 

If you are keen to hear more or would like to hire out an electric cargo bike, email us [email protected].