Kingston Station

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Go Cycle Programme?
- The Go Cycle Programme was developed as part of the Mayor of London's Mini Holland Programme, which was designed to improve cycling infrastructure, walking facilities and public spaces in the borough.

What will the Kingston Station works involve?

  • enhancing the forecourt area and providing a safer environment for all
  • creating a better crossing point from the station to Fife Rd
  • providing a new 250 space cycle storage facility which can be extended to meet future demand
  • providing access to cycle repair, maintenance, hire and amenity facilities for commuters and visitors
  • widening the cycle bridge west of the station from a shared 1.8m to a segregated 4m lane
  • redefining the pedestrian and cycling link from the station to the River Thames in a well landscaped green environment including a wider bridge over Wood Street.
  • introduction of new street trees and planting.

How long will it take?
- The project is anticipated to be completed by late 2020.

Will it affect my train?
- No, the works will not have any impact on rail services.

Where can I get my bus?
- Access to bus services and bus stops will remain open. Bus stops will not be closed or relocated.

Why was the taxi rank moved?
- The taxi rank was moved to more prominent location for those using the station and to create an area for a new Cycle Storage Facility. 

Is the programme only for cyclists?
- All road users will benefit from the programme. In addition to improving cycling infrastructure, which will encourage cycling, reduce congestion and increase footfall to boost local business, we are making improvements to public spaces which will make Kingston a more enjoyable place to live, shop and visit.

What are the benefits of the project?
- We are preparing the borough to deal with the transport demands of the forecast growth in population; offering increased transport choices that will make moving around Kingston easier, improving the quality of life for residents by establishing better and safer links between key locations; and creating opportunities to enjoy a healthier lifestyle, in a cleaner environment.

How will the scheme affect businesses?
- We hope to attract new customers and increase business opportunity by improving the appearance of the borough. There is a growing body of evidence that shows people who cycle are more likely to support local businesses.