Cycle skills

Accessible Cycling

Cycling should be accessible and possible for everyone, regardless of age, disability or experience. In addition to our Aiming High programme in local schools, there are a number of other organisations providing cycling sessions, detailed in this section.

Aiming High

The Kingston cycle training team runs specialist 1:1 Cycle skills activities in local schools under the Aiming High programme in association with Achieving for Children (AfC).

The training is offered in small group ratios to disabled children and young people who are unable to learn how to ride a bike in a large group and cannot, therefore, benefit from the standard Bikeability Level 1&2 courses. These sessions are usually planned during school time as this allows a Learning Support Assistant to attend.


Funding eligibility criteria for children accessing the short service is as follows:

  • Children need to fulfill the DDA (Disability Discrimination Act) definition of SEN      

  • Children must attend a school in Kingston or Richmond

  • Children must be aged between 9-12 years.

Training is available on a first come first served basis and subject to availability.

  • For enquiries, bookings, and more information visit here.
  • Or contact us here: [email protected]
  • Tel : 020 8547 5826

Companion Cycling

Companion cycling is a local community resource helping people with special needs to enjoy the fun of cycling. More information here.

Cycling for all

Cycling for all and Cycling Projects are 2 excellent organisations who provide accessible cycling sessions around the country and both of whom have local centres.