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Cycle maps and routes

Cycle maps and routes - Hard Copy Maps

Kingston Cycling Map:                   

Kingston Council has produced a map which shows suggested cycling routes across the borough, as well as proposed routes to be completed in the future (including the new 'Go Cycle' Infrastructure). For a free copy of the Borough's cycling map please email: sustainable.transport@kingston.gov.uk.

Kingston Quiet Routes Guide:         

Kingston Cycling Campaign have designed and produced a booklet containing maps and descriptions of 6 largely traffic-free routes. Unfortunately the booklet is now out of print, but you can view and download all the routes here.

TfL Cycle Maps:                                   

TfL also produces cycle maps that cover the whole of London. Kingston is included in Transport for London’s cycle maps 9 &10.You can obtain free copies through the TfL website here or by calling the 24-hour travel information service on 020 7222 1234.

Personalised Cycle Planning:              

Is there a route you often ride - or would like to start to ride - but you're not sure of the best way to go? Have a personalised cycle route mapped for you by the Kingston Cycling Campaign. KCC is the local group of the London Cycling Campaign. For more details, telephone Rob James on 020 8546 8865 or email mail@kingstoncycling.org.uk

Cycle maps, routes and route planning - Online

Bike Citizens Route Planner:               

More and more people are using smartphone navigation apps to help them find the best cycling routes. Kingston Council have partnered with Bike Citizens to distribute their cycle navigation app and universal smartphone handlebar mount for free. The mount, known as a Finn comes with a code that allows you to download the local area map, covering the whole of the Greater London Area. To get your free Finn email: info@cyclekingston.net.   

Bike Citizens also provide Kingston Council with data on cycle journeys around the borough. The data allows them to see which are our most popular cycle routes, where local cyclists are coming from and going to and is of great help in planning Kingston’s future cycling infrastructure. So the more of us use the app, the better the data will be!

The app has some useful extra features:

  1. There are local cycle tours already loaded onto the map which you can choose to follow

  2. The app records and displays how far you have gone, average speed, number of journeys etc.

  3. You can easily share your achievements on social media.

  4. The app automatically recalculates should you stray off your route

  5. You can choose easy, balanced or fast routing and can also specify your type of bike

TfL Journey Planner:                           

Transport for London (TfL) have produced an interactive online journey planner which now supports cycling journeys and generates route maps, found here.


Kingston is on Route 4 of the National Cycle Network which stretches from London to Fishguard in South Wales. You can view the route on Sustrans excellent maps here.