Get help from domestic or sexual violence

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Live free from domestic abuse and sexual violence

You have the right to live free from pain, fear, intimidation and blame. Whether your partner, ex-partner or another family member assaults you, threatens you, isolates or humiliates you, you can get help and support from services in Kingston.

Domestic violence can take many forms:
  • it can be physical abuse like hitting or kicking
  • it can include emotional abuse ie blackmail, mental torture and threats to disown you or kill you or your children
  • it can also be controlling – meaning that you are not allowed out of the home on your own or to make contact with your family or friends or to have access to money or obtain a job of your choice
  • sexual harassment and stalking can also be a feature of both domestic and sexual abuse
  • it can be rape – being married or in a relationship doesn’t mean that your husband/partner has the right to have sex with you against your will