Kingston Local Outbreak Control Plan

We all need to play our part to Keep Kingston Safe. As we are all aware, thanks to the efforts of our residents and people up and down the country in respecting the 'lock down' and following social distancing and other measures, cases of coronavirus have thankfully reduced.

However, we are by no means 'out of the woods' - we are in a critical situation where the virus is continuing to circulate, nationally and in Kingston, although at much lower levels. We can visualise these remaining cases of COVID-19 infections as the 'glowing embers' remaining after a major blaze.

Our challenge is to prevent a major blaze restarting. This Kingston Local Outbreak Plan sets out how we can and must support the local and national effort to prevent the embers turning into a blaze. 

The plan sets out 4 key activity areas: 

  1. Encouraging our residents to get tested if they have symptoms - the national 'track and trace' team will then contact their contacts - we must find all cases in Kingston
  2. Supporting people who must isolate with help if they need it 
  3. 'Outbreak management plans' and our local role in these; and 
  4. How we will give support to implementing plans when needed.  

We would like to thank the many partners who have contributed to the development of this plan. We all have a role in Keeping Kingston Safe and I would ask all of our partner organisations and residents to play their part.

Download our plan to find out more about how we're keeping Kingston residents safe and planning to respond to future outbreaks of COVID-19