Support for severe or long lasting mental health problems

If you have severe or long lasting mental health problems, are over 18 and live in the borough, we can offer you and your carer a range of services and types of support. We’ll need to meet you first to talk about the type and amount of support you’ll need - this is called an assessment (and it’s free of charge).

If your assessment shows we can help, we may provide:
  • information, support and advice
  • training and equipment to help you be as independent as possible
  • day opportunities to meet people, take part in leisure activities and learn new skills
  • housing options like residential care and supported living (living in your own home with support)
  • travel options like Freedom Travel Passes, Taxi cards, and Blue Badge parking permits
  • Personal Budgets – we give you money to spend on services that suit your needs
  • Direct Payments - you get money to manage your own support instead of getting it from us
  • help getting a place in hospital during a crisis
  • community resources as an alternative to hospital
  • help if you are held at a police station in the borough

Your first step is to find out more about how we assess your needs and then to contact us to book an assessment.

Find support near you

Use the NHS choices site to find support near you - Mental health helplines.

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