Tree planting

Dinton Fields replanting

Earlier this year 19 lombardy poplar trees in various states of decay were removed at Dinton Fields to ensure the safety of site users. In order to enhance the natural and aesthetic value of the local area for the future, we plan to plant 37 trees in the vicinity this winter. We won't be replanting Lombardy poplars due to their unpredictable and brittle nature and relatively short life span in urban environments. Instead we are proposing a mixture of different species, outlined below.

In order to give the new and existing trees on the site adequate space to grow to their full potential, we will be planting 24 trees on Dinton Fields itself. These will be: 


We will also plant trees at the following locations in the local area;

Park Road highways verge (shown above)

Latchmere Recreation ground

You can find more detail of all of the above species in our description of the new tree species. 
The tree planting proposals have been designed to provide the most environmental benefits. Planting a variety of species that give different benefits throughout the year will enhance biodiversity for the area and provide much-needed food sources for birds, bees, butterflies and other insects. Having a combination of taller and smaller trees will also provide shelter and nesting sites for a wide range of birds and mammals.

There are existing trees on site that are already well established and include native species such as oak, ash, cherry and willow. They were suppressed and in competition with the Lombardy poplars. These trees now have the space to thrive and develop into healthy mature trees for future generations.