Trees on private property

Trees in conservation areas

Conservation areas are areas of special architectural or historic interest areas in which trees play an integral role.

Trees within a conservation area are protected

Trees covered by a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) are automatically protected under that legislation.

If a tree isn't covered by a TPO, but is in a conservation area, you should complete an application for work to protected trees via the planning portal. This applies to any surgery or the removal of any tree with a trunk over 75mm in diameter when measured at 1.5 metres above ground level.

It is an offence to do work on a tree in a conservation area without consent.

Upon receiving your written notice, officers will visit the site and decide whether the Council has any objections to your planned works. If a TPO is not issued on the tree or we fail to inform you of our decision within six weeks then you can carry out your intended works.

Using a reputable tree surgeon

It is important that you only use a reputable tree surgeon to do works on your private trees. The Arboricultural Association provides a list of all reputable surgeons that work in the area.