Kingston Green Pledge

About the Kingston Green Pledge

Climate Change and other environmental issues present a huge challenge to humankind and are affected by decisions made by us all.

To live sustainably and lessen the impact of environmental change now and on future generations, it is important for everyone living and working in the borough to take responsibility for reducing their own impact.

The Kingston Green Pledge reflects our commitment to reducing environmental impact and provides guidance on how organisations and individuals can contribute. The Pledge recognises that lifestyles, attitudes and behaviour must change in order to achieve this goal. By signing up, you will be joining a community united in making a positive difference for everyone.

All organisations in the borough are invited to sign up to the Pledge. These include:

  • businesses of all sizes
  • public bodies such as the police, NHS and education establishments
  • third sector organisations such as churches, charities and community groups
  • federations and associations