Community care fund - help to keep you in the community

Community care fund

If you are struggling to stay in the community, we may be able to help you. We have a small fund to help you establish yourself or remain in the community. We do not offer cash payments instead the help you receive depends on your circumstances:

  • if you are about to leave a care home, institution or hostel we may be able to help you with some basic items of furniture
  • if you need help to stay in the community (rather than be placed in an institution or care home) we may help with expenses for improving your home to maintain living conditions, or help you move to a more suitable place to live, or be nearer to someone who will provide you with care and support
  • if you are setting up home in the community as part of a planned resettlement programme following an unsettled way of life we may help we may be able to help you with some basic items of furniture
  • if you are moving out of a care home or institutional care and your new tenancy is not for a local authority accommodation or another social housing provider, we may contribute to your rent in advance, advance board and lodging charges or hostel charges

The fund is only small so we need to prioritise those with the greatest need. If you have made a claim for benefits from the Department for Work and Pensions then you need to contact them to claim a short term benefit advance or budgeting loan instead.

You should also check to see if you are able to take out a loan with the Surrey Save Credit Union before applying to the Community Care Fund. Only those who are not able to take out a loan will be considered for the Community Care Fund.