Report benefit fraud

Benefit fraud in the borough will be investigated by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP).

If a person lies in order to receive benefit or knowingly fails to report a change in their circumstances they are committing benefit fraud. Benefit fraud keeps money from those that need it most.

Benefit fraud includes people who:

  • do not report they are now living with a partner or that their partner has started work
  • claim Jobseekers Allowance when they have a job
  • do not report they are receiving other benefits
  • do not declare their savings or do not declare the right amount of savings
  • are claiming for children who have left home
  • do not report they have started work, or started to earn money
  • do not report they have inherited money
  • do not report they are going abroad, living abroad, or have changed address
  • failing to describe their finances accurately when applying for benefits

How we counter benefit fraud

We are responsible for paying millions of pounds in Housing benefit and Council Tax reduction each year and take action to ensure that money only goes to those that are entitled to it.

  • We seek to prevent fraud entering the system by maintaining regular anti-fraud training
  • We follow central government initiatives to help prevent fraud
  • We will pass on all referrals for investigation to the Department for Work & Pensions that we receive from all sources
  • We detect fraud using any and all means at our disposal - this includes pro-active visiting initiatives and data matching exercises
  • We deter fraud by publicising our efforts in countering fraud

If you suspect that someone is committing Housing Benefit fraud you should now call the National Benefit Fraud Hotline or visit GOV.UK to give information.

Other types of fraud

Kingston Council will investigate all other types of fraud, such as people illegally sub-letting council properties or fraudulent use of disabled blue badges etc. See internal audit and fraud investigation for more information.