Changes to your circumstances

Let us know within one month

You should tell us about the change as soon as possible and within one month. Do not rely on the Department for Work and Pensions, your landlord or employer to tell us about any changes. If you are not sure whether the change affects your benefits – tell us anyway. It is better to be sure.

If you take longer than a month to tell us and the change results in an increase to your benefit – you could lose out on some of your new benefit entitlement as we cannot usually backdate increases.

If the change causes a decrease in the benefits you should get then you will need to pay back the amount you have been overpaid. If you leave things and do not tell us about the change for a few months the amount of money to be paid back could be a lot. It could be difficult for you to pay it and we always take steps to reclaim benefits that have been overpaid.

To find out more about overpayments see Mistakes and overpayments.