Apply for Housing Benefit and Council Tax reduction

Counting up your assets, savings and capital

You cannot usually receive Housing benefit or Council Tax reduction if you have capital, savings or property worth over £16,000 (unless you receive guaranteed pension credit).

The amount of assets, savings and capital you own includes:
  • anything belonging to you
  • anything belonging to your partner
  • and sometimes anything belonging to your children
Assets, savings and capital cover any:
  • property or land (but not your home, your partner’s or an aged or incapacitated relative’s)
  • National Savings Certificates, stocks, shares, bonds and other investments
  • savings in cash or in a bank or building society
  • redundancy pay
  • tax refunds
  • Premium Bonds
Assets, savings and capital are not:
  • your home
  • sale proceeds of your home (for up to six months if you intend to purchase another home)
  • your business assets if you are self-employed
  • arrears of certain state benefits
  • certain compensation payments
  • a life insurance policy which has not been cashed in
  • personal possessions
  • money from insurance claims in respect of loss or damage to home or personal possessions (for up to six months if used to replace or repair)
  • any Social Fund payment