Discounts and exemptions on Council Tax

Student discounts

What counts?

To count as a full-time college or university student and therefore apply for a discount on Council Tax, you need to be one of the following:

in further or higher education:

  • for at least one academic or calendar year
  • at a prescribed education establishment (eg a university or theological college)

in further education and under the age of 20:

  • on a course that lasts three months or more
  • attending at least 12 hours a week for supervised study or examination
  • where classes are carried out between 8.30am and 5.30pm
  • where the course in not carried out by correspondence

a student nurse:

  • attending a course that leads to an appropriate registration under section 10 of the Nurses, Midwives and Health Visitors Act 1979

a foreign language assistant:

  • appointed by a school or education establishment and registered as a foreign language assistant with the British Council

Apply for a student discount 

You can apply for your student discount using our online form. Before starting the form you need to have:

  • set up a Council Tax account with us first and have your Council Tax account number to hand
  • your student id number if you are a student at Kingston University
  • your Student certificate for Council Tax (often found in your registration pack) if you are a student at any other university

If you do not have your Council Tax account number you can register for Council Tax through the form first. Then when you have been sent your Council Tax number you can use the form to ask for a student discount. 

Yearly review of your student discount

If you get a student discount, once every year, we will send you a letter asking you to check that you're still entitled to that discount. The letter will ask you to use an online form to tell us whether you are still entitled to the discount or not. 

The online review form only appears at certain times of the year, we'll send you a letter to let you know when it's time.