Discounts and exemptions on Council Tax

About discounts and exemptions

Discounts and exemptions

Every year, homes in the UK receive a Council Tax bill. Sometimes you may be entitled to a discount on that year’s bill or not have to pay the bill at all.

If you think you are entitled to any of the discounts listed in this section please continue to pay your Council Tax bill but follow the instructions given. Once we have your details, we can consider whether the discount applies. If it does apply we will send out a new bill which takes into account any money you have already paid and shows the discount.

If we give you a discount by mistake, or you are no longer entitled to receive a discount because your circumstances have changed, you must let us know within 21 days or you could be fined or prosecuted. You can tell us about your change in circumstances using our online forms.

Council Tax Reduction for those on a low income

If you are on a low income you may be entitled to a reduction on your Council Tax bill. You can apply for a Council Tax Reduction within our benefits section: How to apply for Council Tax Reduction