Single Person Discount review

To complete the form you'll need:

  • your PIN number
  • account number
  • postcode 

These are all in the letter we sent to you. If you've lost the letter please get in touch.

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What should you do now?

Please confirm your current details by clicking on the Single Person's Discount Review link above. To access your form you will need to enter your unique PIN number. You can find this PIN number on the letter we have sent to you. If you have any questions regarding the form or require further information click on the link below to access the frequently asked questions page.

Single Person's Discount frequently asked questions (FAQs)

More about the Single Person's Discount review

The Royal Borough of Kingston Upon Thames is continuing to review discounts which will help identify fraudulent claims among council tax payers who are attempting to cheat the system.

Each year local authorities nationwide receive a high volume of applications for single person's discount. Sadly some of these applications are not genuine and these people are claiming reductions in their bills falsely.

Legislation exists which allows council tax cheats to be prosecuted in the same way that benefit cheats are - through the court system and made to pay back the money they owe. Checks will be made to ensure everyone who claims the discount is genuine.

However, occasionally circumstances may not be so easy to explain. To help in these situations we have included the most frequently asked questions that can arise throughout this review period.

About the review

Credit information

The review is based on information from credit reference agencies. They can tell us who is registered at your address. If you'd like to see your credit information please contact any of the major credit reference agencies (we don’t hold any credit information on you): Callcredit , Equifax , Experian.

Receiving post for other people

If someone is using your address for correspondence, but not living there, let us know their name and the address of where they live. We'll check this to confirm your situation.
If you still get post for people that used to live at the address, write ''not at this address, return to sender' on it and put it back in the mail. 

Having a friend stay for a few nights a week

If your friend keeps their belongings at your house then your address is seen as their main residence and you will not get the single person discount.  
If your friend stays at yours a few nights a week and then at various other places during the week,  your address is seen as their main residence and you will not get the single person discount.  

Unusual circumstances

If you're still unsure how to complete the form because your circumstances don't fit into any of our examples, still complete the form but: 

  • choose 'Other (My circumstances are not covered by the categories above' on the form)
  • write an explanation of your current situation on the form

How we use the information you provide 

We use the services of external credit reference agencies to investigate whether you're still eligible to claim the Single Person Discount on your Council Tax. This includes verifying the number of people living at your property. If we find that someone else may be living at your property and you have not told us about them, we may contact the individual and ask them to confirm whether they live there.

You should tell any other people living at your property that they may be contacted by us.

If you wish at any time to see the information held about you at the credit reference agencies you can contact us. We will give you the credit agency's address and you can contact them for your information.

The information supplied by the credit reference agencies is used by us (the Council) to investigate your particular circumstances and if necessary to progress matters in order to identify fraud or recover any funds owing. If our initial investigations provide enough information for us to suspect you are not eligible to claim the Single Person Discount we will use an exemption from the Data Protection Act 1998 to conduct a more in-depth investigation.

Information provided in this review will never be sold or transferred to third parties for uses other than the administration of Council Tax and related benefits. All data is processed by, or on behalf, the Council.