Healthy Living Pharmacies

About Healthy Living Pharmacies

Healthy Living Pharmacies have completed a robust accreditation process enabling them to provide advice and a range of health interventions. 

This Public Health England backed initiative aims to see pharmacy teams playing a greater role in improving our health and wellbeing. 20 per cent of GP consultations are for common conditions that could be dealt with by a Healthy Living Pharmacy.

Being a Kingston Healthy Living Pharmacy involves:

  • The pharmacist or manager undertaking certified leadership training and developing the rest of their pharmacy to deliver proactive health and wellbeing interventions.
  • Creating a dedicated area in store for health promotion with a range of easily accessible supporting materials.
  • Appointing at least one trained health champion, (in addition to the pharmacist), who is responsible for supporting a number of public health campaigns in store.
  • Having a private consulting room.
  • Carrying out a minimum number of health interventions each month. These can range from Stop Smoking services to flu jabs or medicine use reviews.

Public Health England data reveals:

  • 99% of people are comfortable and happy with the service provided by Healthy Living Pharmacies.
  • 98% would recommend Healthy Living Pharmacies to their families and friends.
  • 60% of people would make an appointment with their GP if the health improvement service was not available at the Healthy Living Pharmacy.
  • 20% of people would not have gone to another provider so they would have received no help with their health issue.