Get it, forget it

the coil

What is 'get it, forget it'?

Getting into and keeping a routine when it comes to contraception can be tricky. You may have found yourself second guessing whether you have taken your pill, or have found yourself taking your contraception at irregular intervals and skipping days. This prevents your pill from working effectively and might put you at risk from an unplanned pregnancy.

If you’re thinking of contraception, you may want to consider Long Acting Reversible Contraception (LARC) such as the IUD (or coil), injection or implant, which you don’t need to use every day or each time you have sex.

Once fitted by a medical clinician, the coil will stop unplanned pregnancy without you even having to think about contraception. You will still need to use condoms to protect again any sexually transmitted infections.

So 'get it, forget it' and choose the coil as your new form of contraception.


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