Public streets, highways and roads - flooding and drainage

Roadside drains (gullies)

We maintain the roadside surface water drains (also called gullies) which allow rain water to run away freely from the road and highway. Roadside surface water drains are normally found in the kerbside channel or highway gutters.

If a roadside drain becomes blocked it could cause local flooding in that road. We clean the roadside drains regularly to prevent them from being blocked:

  • drains on unclassified* roads are cleaned once every year
  • drains on classified roads are cleaned twice every year

We also clean any roadside drains that have been reported as blocked by residents or have found to be blocked by our inspectors.

(*An unclassified road is a local road intended for local traffic. Classified roads are routes between regional destinations (A), roads to connect local areas (B) or feeds between major and minor routes (B and C).)