Annual Governance Statement

Action plan summary - 2012/13

Improvement areas and actions

Commissioning and procurement

  • embed consistent approach to category management across the Council
  • reinforce understanding of our 'commissioning authority' approach

Scheme of delegation

  • review schemes of delegation and update to reflect new structures and responsibilities following One Council, One Kingston and new shared services and partnership arrangements

Advice and support

  • corporate procedures on conflicts of interest, fraud and whistle blowing should be made more robust and promoted/embedded more widely
  • procedures should take into account partnership and provider arrangements

Asset management

  • overarching strategic approach to asset management needs to be embedded across the Council


  • reinforce resilience of ICT infrastructure
  • improve links between senior information risk owner (SIRO) in Strategic Business and ICT information governance and data protection

Business continuity management and risk management

  • review and update business continuity management framework and risk management framework
  • develop more robust arrangements for provision of alternative accommodation and ICT in the event of a major disaster affecting the entire Guildhall Complex

Partnership accountability

  • governance and assurance frameworks should be clarified in shared services and partnership arrangements


  • framework for reporting in-year complaints data to directorate management teams needs to be established
  • mechanism for learning about complaints and feeding into service improvement needs to be established

Annual Governance Statement

  • the Annual Governance Statement (AGS) process should be updated to take a new evidence based approach to support the submission of the Annual Governance Statement

Ofsted improvement plan

  • ensure that links between areas of relative weakness identified in AGS process and Ofsted assurance framework action plan are fully developed