Good governance at Kingston

We are responsible under the Local Government Act 1999 for ensuring:
  • we comply with the law
  • public money is used effectively and efficiently
  • public money is accounted for
  • we manage risks to meet objectives
  • we continuously improve our operations to achieve value for money and service effectiveness for our residents

We are required to put in place proper arrangements for governing the organisation and effectively running the services we delivers.

The process

Good governance arrangements should be happening all the time. It isn’t only needed when we make big decisions - it also needs to be in place to ensure effective day to day running of the Council.

Our Annual Governance Statement Cycle helps to ensure we meet good governance standards. The cycle starts with a review of the Local Code of Governance and ends with publishing the Annual Governance Statement. These two key documents underpin the whole cycle:

  1. The Local Code of Governance
    Outlines our pledge to exercise good governance. It describes the six good governance standards the Council must meet and details the mechanism for measuring our performance against these standards.
  2. The Annual Governance Statement
    The final statement, produced and published annually, explains how we have met the six good governance principles of the Local Code of Governance.