What is governance?

Corporate governance is the system by which an organisation is directed and controlled. A good governance structure will include as a minimum:
  • governance roles and responsibilities
  • clear governance standards by which an organisation will be governed
  • a mechanism for measuring an organisations performance against its governance standards

Benefits of good governance

  • improved transparency - activities and decisions are open
  • more accountability - answerable for decisions and actions
  • better decision making - actions and decisions are more open, meaning future decisions will be under more scrutiny
  • complying with the law

How governance works in practice

Councillors and officers all have key roles in ensuring the Council has good governance in place.  

Councillors are responsible for appointing the most senior officers of the Council. These officers, the Chief Executive and the Strategic Leadership Team, are responsible for setting the Council's objectives to meet the overall priorities, supervising the management of the Council and reporting performance to councillors.