Internal audit and fraud investigation

Anti-Fraud Framework (including whistleblowing)

We have an Anti-Fraud Framework which sets out the arrangements in place to combat and deal with fraud and corruption. Staff and councillors are expected to read the framework, seek clarification where necessary and apply its principles fairly and consistently in the conduct of their duties.

The framework includes:

  • Part 1 – Anti-Fraud Strategy
  • Part 2 – Whistleblowing Policy
  • Part 3 – Anti-Bribery Policy
  • Part 4 – Anti-Money Laundering Policy

Message from the Chief Executive

The Council puts probity and accountability high on its agenda and takes fraud and corruption seriously. The message is clear that malpractice in any form will not be tolerated.

A key priority for the Council is ensuring probity, standards and transparency in all our business and decision-making. This is at the heart of our Anti-Fraud culture.

We know that the majority of our residents, service users, partners, contractors, elected Members and staff are honest. However we also appreciate that fraud exists and that we have a duty to protect the honest majority. The Anti-Fraud Framework provides the Council with a sound basis on which to do this.