Garden waste wheelie bin service

Subscribe to the service

Subscribe to the garden waste service for fortnightly wheelie bin collections of garden waste from your home. 

  • a 12 month subscription from April to March for £72 per bin, or
  • a 6 month subscription from October to March for £55 per bin

You can have up to five wheelie bins for your garden waste but you need one subscription per bin. The bins are dark grey with a green lid and each bin holds 240 litres of waste (the same size as a standard blue-lidded bin).

Once you have subscribed, we will deliver your wheelie bin(s) within ten working days. 

Once your subscription period has started you can place your garden waste wheelie bins out for collection on your black wheelie bin collection day.

Use our online form to subscribe. 

What goes where?

Yes please:

  • grass cuttings
  • old garden or house plants
  • twigs and leaves
  • hedge trimmings
  • flowers and weeds
  • garden prunings

No thanks: 

  • pet litter or animal bedding
  • soil, rocks and stones
  • wire bag ties
  • branches, tree trunks, stumps or logs
  • vegetable peelings or food waste
  • plastic pots, trays, labels or bags
  • plastic bags or sacks - place garden waste directly into the wheelie bin
  • turf