Report a missed bin or recycling collection

Report a missed rubbish or recycling collection

We collect recycling and rubbish from 65,000 houses every week. Very occasionally, we might miss your house out by mistake. 

Was the recycling in the right container?

We won't collect containers if the wrong items have been placed in them. If you put the wrong items in a container we will not collect the container and may leave a note letting you know. Please put the items into the right container and we'll empty it on your next scheduled collection. 

Was the container at the boundary?

We only collect containers that are placed at the front boundary of your property. Please ensure they are there by 6.30am on your collection day as the time at which they are collected may vary. 

Report it online 

If your wheelie bins, green box, green bin or food waste caddy have not been emptied on the day your collection is due, you can report your missed bin online if the container has been presented correctly. You just need to tell us about it within two days of your collection date, then we'll arrange another collection as soon as possible.  

Before you report a missed bin, use our online tool to check when the collection was due and whether it was wheelie bin week or green box week: when are my bins collected?