Your bins and containers guide

Brown kitchen caddy and food waste container

If you live in a house you'll get a brown kitchen caddy and a brown food waste container. 

Brown kitchen caddy

You can use the smaller kitchen caddy inside your home to store:

  • food waste - cooked and raw
  • meat and fish - including bones
  • fruit and vegetables - including peelings
  • tea bags and coffee grounds
  • bread, rice, cake and pasta#
  • plate scrapings and leftovers
  • pet food
  • cut flowers
  • mouldy food and food that has gone off
Empty your kitchen caddy into your outdoor food bin regularly.

Brown outdoor food bin

When your kitchen caddy is full, empty it into the larger food waste container. Put this out each week for collection. 

Recycling tips:

  • most of the items you can recycle using your brown food waste container and kitchen caddy can also be composted in your garden (but not cooked food waste, raw fish, meat and bones). We provide compost bins at a subsidised rate. 
  • remember to lock the lid of your outdoor food waste container to keep pests out
  • did you know that the average family throws away nearly £50 worth of food a month? Visit the Love Food Hate Waste website for information on how to save money