Previous consultations

Draft Fifth London Safety Plan consultation

The London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority (LFEPA) consulted on the Draft Fifth London Safety Plan. The consultation ran from 4 March until 28 May 2013 and included an online survey and public meeting.

The consultation included a number of topics but the one you may have heard about in the news is that a number of fire stations across London are proposed to close.

What is the Draft London Safety Plan?

The draft plan outlines a wide range of policies and measures which are intended to improve the safety of Londoners. It also includes details of how savings worth £28.8m could be made, involving the closure of 12 fire stations; the removal of 18 pumping appliances and the redeployment of four pumping appliances to other stations.

In those parts of London with the worst response time performance, this would have a beneficial impact; in other places, the removal of appliances would have a detrimental impact, although London-wide, response time targets and standards of fire cover would continue to be met and at a borough-level more boroughs would meet the targets. No borough would move from within target to outside target based on average attendance times.