Houses without spaces for wheelie bins

Your sacks service

If your house is found to be unsuitable for the use of wheelie bins, you may be eligible for our sacks collection service. This means using sacks instead of bins for your rubbish and/or recycling. There are three types of sack: 

  • blue recycling bags for plastics, glass, cans and cartons

  • clear recycling bags for paper and card

  • red bags for rubbish (non-recyclable waste)

Rubbish must be presented in kingston branded bags or bins - black bags of rubbish will not be collected. 

Please note that the blue sacks are not for paper and card, but are the equivilent to the green box service for houses and should be used for plastics, glass, cans and cartons.

Your collections will be the same as other houses on your street. You find out your collection day through our collection day finder. 

If you think your home might be suitable for the sacks service or you need more sacks, please call 020 8547 5002.