Grass cutting and weeding

Grass cutting

We are responsible for cutting the borough's roadside grass verges, as well as roundabouts and central reservations.

Grass is cut between March and October and it takes 15 working days to complete a circuit of the borough, after which point the circuit starts again. Prolonged periods of wet weather will interrupt this schedule.

All grass areas in parks and open spaces are cut by our grounds maintenance contractors

Grass areas on council housing land are maintained by our Housing Services team.

Covid-19 service disruption - grass verges

To comply with government guidance on social distancing and to keep our contract staff safe some operations have needed to be scaled back. 

Highways grass cutting was operating on a much reduced schedule during May and the early part of June. Measures are now in place to safely bring more staff back to work so that schedule will begin to increase. For the remainder of June some areas which have not received a full cut with strimming will be caught up with, although the strimming may take place after the main cut.  From early July we expect that the service will have caught up so all the operations are aligned and there would be approximately a 15 working day gap between each cut of a street.

Some residents will already cut the grass verge outside their property where the verge is small and manageable.  The Council would welcome any resident who wishes to carry this out in front of their property where it is safe to do so.

Footpath cutbacks 

The service to cut back overhanging vegetation along public footpaths or cycleways has also been affected. The Council is keen to ensure that in current times that pedestrians and cyclists have plenty of space to safely pass each other on footpaths so please do report any vegetation that is blocking access.


We use two methods of weed spraying on pavements and roads across the borough:

  • residual spraying - March each year. This prevents the growth of weeds in pavements by spraying weed killer onto the ground
  • contact spraying - April, July and October each year. This attacks live weeds on pavements and roads - once dead they're removed by our street cleaning contractor.