Street cleaning and reporting litter

When is my street cleaned? 

We make sure that the borough has clean streets, free from litter, dirt, leaves, dead animals and dangerous debris. We clean all public roads and pavements:

  • town centre streets are cleaned continuously or daily
  • most residential streets are cleaned every three weeks

Report litter on our streets

If you see litter on our streets you can let us know using our report street litter online form . You can report:

  • general waste or litter
  • broken glass
  • oil
  • needles
  • dog waste
  • dead animals

We'll consider the issue and when the next street clean is scheduled when deciding what to do.

If the issue is urgent or dangerous (things like broken glass from windows, spillages near schools, or something causing a health and safety risk) please call 020 8547 5002 straight away so we can respond quickly.

Leaves on the street

During the autumn we have additional crews out working to clear areas that have high levels of leaf fall.

We aim to keep the roads and pavements clear of slippery wet leaves. We have a leafing programme that covers roads with known high leaf fall as well as responding quickly to reports of other areas that require attention Where we receive report of leaves we will visit to assess and arrange clearing as necessary.

We don’t cover clearance of leaves from private land.

How you can help:

  • Report areas that require special leaf clearance by calling 020 8547 5002.

  • Please do not sweep leaves onto the public highway from your property

  • Collect leaves from your property and either: