How we make decisions: committees, meetings and panels

Calling in a decision for review

100 interested people may call-in for review any decision of a Strategic or a Neighbourhood Committee, or the Achieving for Children Joint Committee, other than when they are exercising regulatory functions, within a period of five working days from the publication of the decision, (i.e. where the decision is published on a Tuesday, it may be called in during the next five working days, normally up to and including the following Tuesday).

  • An interested person is defined as someone who lives, works, studies, or owns a property or business in the borough.
  • Publication is defined as being included in the published minutes of the Committee’s meeting.

To be accepted as valid, a community call-in must be submitted in writing and identify the decision to be called in and the reason(s) for it being called-in.

When a decision is called-in under this process, it shall be referred to a meeting of the Council for review, together with a statement of the reasons for the matter having been called-in. Implementation of the decision shall be held in abeyance pending the conclusion of the call in process.

The Council shall consider the call in as soon as possible, and, wherever practicable, at its next ordinary meeting. In doing so it shall provide a representative of the signatories to the call in the opportunity to address the meeting on the subject for a maximum of five minutes. A further period of up to 10 minutes shall be allowed for questions and answers. These time periods may be extended by resolution of the Council. The Council may agree a response to the call in or establish a time limited Task and Finish Group to which the matter can be referred for further consideration.